Mountain Park Community Church Parking Lot Changes

Mountain Park Community Church Parking Lot Changes
Posted on 01/29/2017
Church Parking Lot Map

Beginning, Monday, January 30, the parking lot at Mountain Park Community Church will be changing. Some of their permanent, paved parking spaces will be available for our use. 
Effective January 30:
  1. All drivers must enter via Frye Road near the east side of our campus. This is an ENTRANCE ONLY.
  2. Drivers will continue one way as they travel through two parking areas (see red arrows on map.) Areas in green with parking spots on the map are available for our use.
  3. Drivers must exit via 48th Street. This is an EXIT ONLY. Drivers may turn right (north) onto 48th Street. You may be cited by Phoenix Police Department if you turn left when you exit the lot.
  4. Crosswalks to campus are available on the west and east side of our campus. See the yellow areas on the map for locations. All crosswalks will be staffed during drop off and pickup times. For the safety of all community members, please ONLY cross to campus in crosswalks.
We appreciate Mountain Park Community Church and their efforts to provide ample parking for our community while they continue building construction.

Mountain Park Church Parking Lot Map