Parent University Vaping 101

Parent University: Vaping 101 on April 3
Posted on 03/04/2019
Photo of teenage boy using a vape pen with words "Parent University: Vaping 101 April 3 at 6 p.m. Horizon Honors MPR Speaker: Stephanie Siete"
Make sure to mark your calendar for the next Parent University! We invite you to attend this informational session on April 3 at 6 p.m. about the very popular trend of teen vaping.
It has become an epidemic in the US and teens are being marketed with the flavors and discreet devices. Juul is the #1 teen vaping product and is disguised to look like a USB drive. Suorin Air is popular and the size of a credit card. You will learn about nicotine potency, the thousands of unique flavors, how to spot a device and why there is a risk of product explosion. The Electronic Nicotine Devices are also used to conceal marijuana oils. Learn about the new marijuana, known as dabs, wax, 710, budder, oil, goo, etc. It is dangerous to manufacture and use in any form, including edibles. We promise you will learn something new.
Stephanie Siete began her career with Community Bridges, Inc. (CBI) in 2002 as a drug prevention specialist and has worked her way up in the prevention field educating students, teachers, parents, police and universities about drug dangers and trends. Over the years, she moved into the roles of the Public Relations Director and Community Education Director to her recent position of Public Information Officer (PIO) as of March 1, 2017. In an ever changing world of substance abuse, the role of the PIO is to inform the public, first responders and corporate offices (etc.) via media and trainings about new drugs, risks to use and exposure, and provide resources for help on care and addiction. As the PIO, Stephanie’s job requires her to partner with important community collaborators. She has spent her career training and networking with local and national police and fire departments, healthcare providers and governmental agencies. She has hosted seminars for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Arizona School Resource Officer Association (ASROA), High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), International Narcotics Interdiction Association (INIA), and will be featured as a key note speaker for the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) in 2018. Her recent work with the FBI earned her the honor of the 2016 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award – Phoenix Division. She was recognized in Washington DC by former FBI Director, James Comey, in April 2017.